Anyone who visits Spain will learn to love it. This happened to me in 1991 in Seville for the Semana Santa. And then many other cities in Spain followed. One was more beautiful than the other. But the most beautiful of all is Salamanca. Not too small not to discover something new every day, and not too big not to feel at home. And whoever is looking for love there will find it too. The best time to do so is probably September with its Feria in honor of the Virgen de la Vega. From there it is not very far to Segovia with its medieval Alcazar Castle and the Sierra de Candelario. The titles on this CD are dedicated to these and other magical places such as the Jardin del Generalife in Granada or the endless expanse of La Mancha. Spanish rhythms and melodies combine with the style of classical music. It is precisely this idiosyncratic mix in the style of composing and the arrangement that is supposed to open up this world of 1000 and one night to you musically. To do this, go on a musical journey with me through my Spain.