It is a very personal CD that I am releasing here. Déjà vu was used to cast stories and memories into music, just like the three CDs previously released. But this time from the past. Be it an almost forgotten love that only lasted one summer or a good book with its world-famous protagonist Sophie. Events from our own past that have shaped us and continue to have an impact today. In similar situations they appear to us like a déjà vu. There was Descent, this addicting game from the early days of the computer era or the mysterious house by the forest that still shivers in me when I see it again. All of this probably forms the building in which we live. And soon there will be no traces of it. Is there really nothing left? Maybe this CD. As with the previous CDs, I again spent a lot of time selecting the illustrations in the booklet. All pictures are first-class paintings by renowned international painters. I would like to thank you all for participating.