My current second home is Cali in Colombia. For many fans, it is the capital of salsa itself (although my Cuban friends naturally claim otherwise). And in Cali you can tell. There is no single place of rest. You can hear him everywhere in the streets. And just as Cali has fought for this position in the world, Jena is developing into a center of salsa in Germany. As in other localities in Jena, the salsa community is in the Cafe once a month: ok for the salsa night. Here the dancers from all over the world show what they mean by salsa. The result is a colorful mixture of different salsa styles. And Jena's many dance schools encourage this development with ever new figures. Even if I as a German will probably never fathom the real Salsa de Colombia, the CD is at least an attempt to combine Latin and classic. After several studies on site and 6 years of salsa dance courses, I present the first results here. As with my previously released CDs, I selected first-class paintings by renowned international painters for the illustrations in the booklet. Thank you all for participating in this project.