n my previous CDs I have released music of genres Classic, Latin, Chanson and Música de España. So this time it’s jazz. Powerful and rhythmic music for wind instruments, keyboards, guitar, drums and synthesizer. These are titles that were partly created in 2007 and 2008. At a time when I spent a lot of time in Brazil. Thematically, they have thus gotten something out of this part of the earth. Such as Santos live, a description of this city with the wonderful beach and its famous bike path (Pela ciclovia), the huge harbor and starting point of the Brazilian cruise ships (Crucero) or their night side (lights of the night). All songs were reworked in 2018 and remastered. Added are new compositions from 2017 (title 1, 14-16) which brings the CD back to the magical number of 16 titles. Contrary to my previously published CDs, this time I have selected first-class paintings by a single artist for the illustrations in the booklet. It is the Canadian painter Serj Rodrigue from Quebec. I am grateful for his support of this project.