Anyone who has been there needs to go back. And whoever has never seen it, it's time. However, "once again to Paris", whether before or after the first time. But for those who stay at home there is now this CD. In the form of a musical you can listen to a story of a love. And it is true. The two protagonists may not have been the same, and Paris was more likely chosen because of its reputation as a city of love. But one thing is certain. That's exactly how it happened. A married man meets during his language studies the love of his life. In the few weeks he learned not only the language of France, but also a new way of living. But after his return to his old life he must make a fundamental decision. Who will be the winner and who will be the loser? With this fifth thematic CD we learn the end of the story. I am delighted to be able to win again the enchanting Ju Marée as a singer. At the same time, I would like to thank the participating international artists, who contributed to the intensive illustration by providing their paintings for the booklet.